Our Services

We bring clarity and purpose to meetings, events and internal communications.

Across everything we do we focus on aligning three key components:

Audience perspective, content shape & flow, session owner objectives


We start with the audience: what they want, what they need, what’s in it for them.


We take into account the session objectives and messages.


We then align audience insights with session owner objectives to the channel or technology that best delivers. We then elevate, transform and translate the content into a memorable, valuable experience for the audience.


Better meetings are designed, from the ground-up, with the audience experience as the foundation and the direct involvement of key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure meeting objectives are met.

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Agenda design

We apply a structured “audience-centric” approach to helping you build a meeting which addresses the needs of attendees.

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Creative & content development

We help you bring your meeting to life – from theming to ensuring content and key messages resonate.

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Event planning
& logistics

Our experienced meeting producers ensure the event is as seamless as possible and delivered on time and on budget.

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Interactive technology

We work with the latest digital platform and plug-in techologies to ensure the technology you choose is actually used to make the meeting better. New technologies need to be introduced to the audience with clarity, and transitions need to be simplified.

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Multimedia production
& staging

We know establishing a positive impression within the digital or live meeting room in the mind of participants elevates their experience and involvement from the get go.

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& coaching

It is the audience that matters and they know when a presenter has not rehearsed. We help to build on your individual strengths and style to deliver a presentation that counts. We reinforce the individual training with technical rehearsals to ensure comfort and agility when working with multiple digitial platforms.


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We help create the right story for both your content and capturing your audience – even if the former is rather dry and latter difficult to reach.
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Presenter coaching
and training

We help to give you confidence in your voice, to know your movement and believe in the value of your content. Just imagine… presenting, even to a laptop, really can be enjoyable.

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visual support

We balance bullets and your data with white space, choosing your visuals wisely, and knowing when a video will give you maximum impact.

Real Engagement

Driving positive behavioural change where and when it matters, the best results happen when the audience has an active role to play. We help to create this.

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Communication campaigns & programs

Speaking to your people in the right way, at the right time is critical for achieving your business ambitions. Our focus on internal communications helps to build corporate culture, generate awareness and understanding of new corporate initiatives, foster team spirit and closer collaboration, and celebrate key moments.
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Workshops & facilitation

By tapping into the collective expertise in the digital room or face-to-face and engaging attendees as active participants, our unique, creative and interactive workshops make the best possible use of time to focus on improving business outcomes – our workshops include Design Thinking, Team Development, Train the Trainer, Brand & Business Planning, Communication & Presentation Skills.