5 Simple Enhancements for Presenters


Assuming you have done your audience needs assessment, tailored your content and rehearsed your presentation, you can now spice it up. Sprinkle these 5 enhancements into your next presentation and make it an experience:

1. Walk-in / Walk-out Music
Pick songs that give you and your audience energy. Last year’s Top 40 is usually a safe bet, or, calculate the average age of your audience and select the top hit from the summer they were 18 years old. Or ask the sound tech to choose a playlist. Start the music before the doors open, right up until you take the stage, and have them play the walk out music as soon as your presentation is done.

2. Treats
Chocolate. Candies. Healthy snacks. Fancy sparkling water. It is amazing how far the small things go.

3. Icebreaker
You want to know your audience, and your audience wants to know each other. Take 5 to 10 minutes from your presentation time for interactivity by simply having everyone introduce themselves to the people beside them, or by asking them to work in pairs to create questions for you. A favourite at Audience is a two-minute interview on a question relevant to your topic, such as “who was the best presenter you have seen in the past year and what made them so good?”

4. Handouts
Something to write on, something to read. Gadgets, mind teasers, arts and crafts materials, or even just coloured markers and sticky notes. Link them to your message, create engagement, and give the audience something they can carry home.

5. Gratitude
For investing their time in you, listening with an open mind, and asking you pertinent questions, don’t forget to show your audience your appreciation. Take time for a thoughtful, sincere thank you.

Happy presenting!

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