5 Helpful Analogies for Presenters

Presenting is a skill like any other: to be good takes practice. The notion of the “natural presenter” is almost 100{0c5fd3423084e4333344271eb02f3ccdfb72f67a476082c1ffec2f250f4b7018} false (there are those naturally gifted, but this is extremely rare). Here are five ways to think about improving your presentation skills:

1. Cooking
Those who love to cook understand the importance of preparation. The right recipe, best ingredients, and proper equipment are all essential. And after all that careful preparation, the moment of truth comes once the heat is on and it all goes into the pan.

2. Golf
What worked beautifully on the last hole won’t necessarily work on the next. Club selection is important, but nothing is as important as technique. Controlling stress is crucial. Every hour on the driving range is a small step to mastery. Lose your focus, lose the game.

3. Travel
Preparation is, on the one hand, the secret to success, and on the other hand, going with the flow is where the magic happens. When travelling, keeping your eyes and ears open will allow you to adjust to the surroundings and demonstrate you are more than just another tourist. Every journey is a lesson if you are open to learning new things. Local customs must be honoured and respected. Show your gratitude, and you will be a welcomed guest.

4. Running
To prepare for a 10K race, you don’t run 10k over and over as fast as you can. You build up over time, doing drills, short runs, long runs, and rest days. Conditioning is everything. A week before the race your physical training is done. The mental and emotional game of preparing to be in the zone on race day is a science and an art. Adjusting your mood before the gun goes off is essential.

5. Entertaining
The house is clean. The food is ready, and so are the drinks. You’ve showered and changed, taking the time to look your best. You’ve kissed your spouse; the children are in bed. A final look in the mirror. The doorbell rings – you are ready to embrace and enjoy your guests thoroughly.

Happy presenting!

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