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Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene from last year's Open Tuning Festival in Seaton Village, Toronto. PHOTO CREDIT: NEIL MUSCOTT

Audience in the Community: Open Tuning 2016

PHOTO CREDIT: NEIL MUSCOTT – Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene from last year’s Open Tuning Festival. Fun fact: That’s Mark’s garage! 

We’ve been talking a lot around the office(s) lately, about what and how and why we do what we do. It’s the internal equivalent of the “State of the Union,” a thinking-out-loud about our relationships and services, about our challenges and successes. Times like these also tend to inspire a self-reflexivity that extends past the office.

Which got us thinking about an event our VP Creative, Mark Higgins, is involved with: a neighbourhood music festival in Toronto called Open Tuning. Its third incarnation takes place in Seaton Village this Saturday. But it really started in Paris.

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