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Audience Moves!


Looking Back, Moving Forward

It’s been an intense year at Audience Communications and Events. We’ve implemented new technology—while going full speed. We’ve expanded our global operations. We attended—and sponsored a panel for—an amazing, inspiring design conference. We’ve also thought through our best suggestions for professional speaking, great visuals, what to wear, and what you should always have with you for a presentation. (We even weighed in on the US presidential debates…)

So, really, there was only one thing left for us to do before bidding 2016 adieu.


Location, Location, Location!

We’re downtowners at heart. As far back as we can remember, the Canadian Audience offices have always been within the downtown corridor. Our latest move is no different and boasts a uniquely Toronto view.

That’s what our Production team will be gazing out on every day, now that we’re located at 326 Adelaide Street West. We’ve got the whole floor, our own elevator, desks for our full-time team and freelance roster—and space to grow. It’s almost as if Christmas came early.

Our creative team is already imagining how they will curate their space, as well as every nook and cranny they can “adopt.”

Will we put in a glass wall, or leave this wall open as an expression of our daring, our innovation, our difference? Stay tuned.

And although our set-up and design are not quite ready for an audience, we’re still hard at work. Those are two of our Accounting/Finance masters, who were up and going while the rest of us were trying to remember that a) we’re not on Spadina anymore, and b) that we’re working from home office for most of December.


Stay tuned…

We believe in the necessity and value of change, even big, difficult changes. We’re thrilled to be in a new space and starting a new chapter for our Canadian office, even as our Swiss, UK, and Singaporean colleagues expand their own stories. We’ve had an incredible 2016, and can’t wait to share some of that with you in a few weeks.

Until then, you know where to find us:

Audience Communication and Events
326 Adelaide Street West
Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5V 1R3


The Presentation Triangle at IBTM World 2015

Our colleague, Jeff Bateman, is excited to announce that he’ll be attending IBTM World 2015 as a speaker on The Presentation Triangle: Communicating More Effectively.  He’ll be sharing his experiences on Twitter @JeffAudience and @AudienceFirst, so be sure to look out for that!

IBTM World 2015

Barcelona, Spain
Innovation Zone Session Topic: The Presentation Triangle: Communicating More Effectively
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2015
Time: 10:30 to 10:50 a.m.

We also have Jeff’s account of his and Tim’s experience leading rehearsal workshops at the FRESH Conference this past summer.  Please check it out!  Reflections on a FRESH Experience

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your interest in Audience. I am excited to connect with our on-line community and look forward to establishing a reputation as a valued resource that you will want to share with your community.

We made the effort to establish an on-line presence following encouragement from our network of valued partners, suppliers and contractors. They think we have something to say.

As a relatively new member of the Audience team, I am in the position of knowing the business from both the outside and the inside and I too believe that there are some pretty neat stories to tell through our many journeys, literally and figuratively speaking.

The stories we will share in future will illustrate how our services, experience and insight have made the difference for customers in everything from stepping in front of hundreds and even thousands of peers to present at an event, to pitching innovative ideas to Executives, to communicating key messages during times of organizational change.

It is our goal through the Audience blog to engage and entertain you with information that will make a positive contribution to your career. No more and no less than that – we promise to treat your time respectfully.


Stephen Hodges
Managing Director

A Look at Our New Swiss Office


We are very excited to announce that we recently relocated to a larger office space in Basel to accommodate our rapidly expanding business and team in Europe.  While maintaining proximity to our major clients and public transport, the new office space means improved functionality, new amenities for employees, and room for further growth. The move was effective July 01, 2015.

New Address:

Weisse Gasse 14

4001 Basel, Switzerland

Tel: +41 61 26 10 093

To get all the latest news and information, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, and Viadeo!

office area
lounge/meeting area
lounge/meeting area
lounge/meeting area
fully-equipped kitchen
fully-equipped kitchen