Taking Tips from Millennials: Part 4


Taking Tips from Millennials Part 4: Talk Often and In Person

Welcome back to our five-part series ‘Taking Tips from Millennials’! Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you missed them.

Younger generations find digital communication as natural as a handshake. But no matter the decade or the myriad advances in technology, nothing beats a heartfelt one-to-one.

Tip #4: Talk often. Face-to-face. Not too long.

With a tip of the hat to Michael Pollan, this tip acknowledges that Millennials are only human, after all, and can’t get everything they need from their smartphone. Although Millennials haven’t grown up with live interaction as a primary form of communication, our research indicates that they value meetings, networking, learning communication skills, and spending time with their bosses and co-workers as much as other generations. So talk, not just to the Millennials but to all your colleagues. Share your perceptions and personality, and let them share theirs. Some informality is key, however – rather than book it in your agenda, a spontaneous catch-up could go a long way.

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