Developing Resilience and Stress Management for HR Professionals with Martin Daubney

Martin Daubney facilitates a workshop on building resilience at Audience's HR Forum 'TOGETHR' in Basel on December 3 2018.


HR professionals know very well that they work in a high-pressure environment. As organizations become more and more agile, employees too must strive to adapt to change keep up with the pace. But it’s not easy, and the toll this pressure takes on the psyche is not uncommon.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, and is a vital tool for managing mental health. How strong and efficient this tool is differs from person to person, but it is not a fixed capability but rather a quality that can be exercised and developed.

Executive Coach Martin Daubney applies nearly three decades of global corporate experience – mostly in the pharmaceutical sector – in fields like sales, marketing, and internal communications, to a growing demand for executive coaching.

At our HR Forum ‘TOGETHR’ on December 3, Martin’s workshop ‘Building a Resilient Workforce’ will introduce attendees to some skills necessary for increasing adaptability, flexibility, and confidence, maintaining performance and stamina during peak times, and to be able to think more clearly and logically under pressure.

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