David Kesby Presents ‘The Past is One Team: The Future is Two’

David Kesby, author and organizational coach, will talk about extra-dependent teams about Audience's HR Forum in Basel on December 3 2018.

The conventional way of thinking about teams is a group of people who all work together to achieve a common goal – a team without a common goal is just a group, after all. But who wants to lead a group? For engagement, for performance, and for leadership, teams are the answer.

But many teams don’t conform to convention. Think of a team of project managers, or regional managers. When they are performing, they are almost entirely working with people outside their team. Leading them can be like herding cats, and the conventional view of teams cites them as dysfunctional.

David Kesby, author and Organisational Coach, believes that it’s our viewpoint that’s dysfunctional. He calls these teams “extra-dependent” and has found that they are commonplace in organisations. Leadership isn’t about herding cats – it’s about facilitating each cat to learn to be more “cat”.

At our HR Forum ‘TOGETHR’ in Basel on December 3, David will share his research and some practical exercises to realise the power that both types of team can have within organisations when combined together.

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