Taking Tips from Millennials: Part 3

Taking Tips from Millennials Part 3: Embrace - and reignite - enthusiasm.


Welcome back to our five-part series ‘Taking Tips from Millennials’! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.

We often single out Millennials for wanting to make a difference now. But what if we welcomed that energy instead of decelerating it?

Tip #3: Embrace – and reignite – enthusiasm

Millennials grew up with icons like Nelson Mandela who preached that making a difference was the only thing that matters. They are sometimes viewed as impatient, and perhaps you’ve made the mistake of telling them to get in line and pay their dues before gaining access to the most meaningful work.

The sooner you embrace their eagerness to make an impact rather than postpone it, the sooner all team members reap the rewards of their creativity and energy. Your other team members may not express it as loudly as the Millennials, but no doubt there is a passion – in addition to their unique skill set – that drives their contribution to furthering their department’s goals. Reignite their passion and enthusiasm and fan those flames!

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