Putting Intuition to Work: Charlotte Frederiksen Shows Us How

Promotional image of Executive Coach and Principal of Co-incidence Charlotte Frederiksen who will present a talk and workshop on intuition at Audience's HR Forum TOGETHR on December 3 2018 in Basel.

Executive coach and Intuition trainer and speaker Charlotte Frederiksen joins our HR Forum ‘TOGETHR’ in Basel on December 3!

With a career of 15 years in Corporate Communications, Charlotte Frederiksen has made it her mission to tap into and share with others an unlikely resource referred to more and more as the “business skill of the future”: intuition. What is intuition, and can it be harnessed to successfully guide us through crucial decision-making moments in our professional lives?

Through a process of research and testing, Charlotte’s approach to honing intuition and self-insight skills is rational, consisting of theory and exercises that practice intuition like a muscle.

She will share with us this practical approach at our HR Forum ‘TOGETHER’ on December 3, in which delegates will gain a deeper understanding of intuition, practice flexing your intuition muscle, and take away skills for creating a habit of harnessing this resource regularly.

As an intuition trainer and speaker, Charlotte creates and facilitates public and private workshops, and lectures for the corporate and academic world. Learn more about her and her organization Co-incidence here, and see her on YouTube.

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