Taking Tips from Millennials: Part 2

"Let them build it, and they will come" image to accompany the text, to promote Audience's HR Forum TOGETHR in Basel on December 3 2018.

Welcome back to our five-part series ‘Taking Tips from Millennials’! Missed the first tip? Check it out here.

Is it true what they say about Millennials? We did our own research and discovered they’re a lot like the rest of us in many ways, and we just might learn a thing or two from them! Here is our second tip for improving cross-generational engagement:

Tip #2: Let them build it, and they will come

Perhaps it’s because they grew up with a supercomputer in their back pocket or were raised by a generation of who idolizes the entrepreneur, Millennials would prefer to learn by doing and generally make stuff happen. Provide time, resources, teammates, and a very clear goal for them, then get out of the way. 

Don’t assume, however, that your Gen-Xers and ‘Boomers couldn’t benefit from a similar way of working – by experimenting with this approach on your team members across generations, you might spark increased interest and curiosity in their roles. The sooner you embrace new ways of collaborating, the sooner you set up your teams for success.

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