Taking Tips from Millennials: Part 1

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Embracing Generational Diversity in the Workplace

In the US, Millennials just became the largest segment of the workforce, surpassing both Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers. Given the fact that most of us will soon be working for a Millennial, this is probably a good time to learn how to work with them more effectively.

But it’s not just about them. Our research suggests that what engages Millennials in the workplace will also please ‘Boomers and Gen-Xers alike, creating a spill-over effect of engaging the employee base across generations. Perhaps Millennials are simply asking for what everyone wanted all along!

We’ve boiled down the results of our research to five tips for improving cross-generational engagement, and each week we will share a tip. Read on to discover the first one!

Tip #1: Define the mission

It seems as if the Millennial generation took all the self-help, leadership, and productivity bestsellers of the past 20 years and actually read them. Wanting to know the “why” of any endeavor they are involved in is a prime example. Why are we in business? Why are we holding this event? Why should I complete this task as instructed? From having an impact on humanity to avoiding wasted time on useless activities, Millennials want you to state in clear and emphatic terms the purpose of their work.

But when managers define the mission to Millennials, they do so for the entire team as well, creating spin-off benefits of enhanced alignment and an elevated sense of purpose amongst all members of the team. When you get the Millennials on board, you simultaneously ensure your whole team is on board.

Come back next week to find Tip #2!

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