Evolving for the Future and the Role of HR: Philip Atkinson Shares His Insights

Promotional image of Philip Atkinson from Roche, speaker at Audience Inc's Human Resources Forum TOGETHR in Basel Dec 3 2018

Philip Atkinson, Global Head of Scientific Communications at Roche, joins our HR Forum ‘TOGETHR as a guest speaker to share his insights into the need for organisations, teams, and individuals to evolve to meet the needs of the future.

The business world has never experienced such a fast pace of change – and all companies, including HR teams, need to adapt and evolve.  Organisations, teams, and individuals need to use new skills and capabilities to be ‘fit for the future’.

With 20+ years of business experience – whose roles range from marketing manager to business leader to global head scientific communications, among others – Philip will offer a unique glimpse into topics such as executive leadership, influencing key stakeholders, and transforming organisations. Philip is a member of the oncology leadership team at Roche, an experienced mentor for the Healthcare and Businesswomen’s Association, and an ICF accredited coach.

Join us and meet Philip at our ‘TOGETHR’ event in Basel on December 3!

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