We Are All HR

Visual to accompany blog post "We are all HR" to promote Audience's First HR Forum "TOGETHR" in Basel on December 3 2018.

For those of us whose job title says “Human Resources,” clearly we work in HR. But for the rest of us? Can one work in HR without the “HR” title? The answer is yes. In fact, nearly all of us work in HR.

The illusion that Human Resources is a box-like entity living in a silo is quickly fading. Technological advances, for one, are not only changing the way we live and the way we work, but also the human  resources organizations need to meet ever-changing demands.

The pharmaceutical industry is a great example. Healthcare professionals are moving away from one-size-fits-all treatments, demanding instead personalized solutions that target individual patient needs. These solutions require an innovative approach in technology to manage the scores of data personalized healthcare entails.

However, the innovative tech expert who could manage these projects doesn’t come to Basel for a career in tech.

For a location like Basel to catch the attention of a tech guru whose eyes are on the Google headquarters in Silicon Valley, who can influence that shift? Almost everyone!

From civil servants, to members of the pharmaceutical world, to the healthcare community, to researchers, and to all the agencies and freelancers hired along the way – everyone plays a role.

Paving the path for these new ways of working goes beyond the traditional Human Resources model and yet couldn’t be more HR-related. If your role includes hiring, training, retaining, and engaging with employees, you work in HR.

But it doesn’t end there – you also work in HR if:

  •        Your professional success depends on a collaboration between you and your peers
  •        You spend any of your work hours hoping to influence the decision-making of your peers
  •        Being mindful of your colleagues’ time, ambitions, and skill-sets helps you reach your professional goals

People who engage with the employee base work in HR. And who doesn’t do that?

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