TOGETHR: Audience’s First Human Resources Forum

Logo of Audience's Human Resources Forum TOGETHR in Basel on December 3 2018
Work in Human Resources in Basel? Keep reading!

When our clients speak, we listen. Based on the expressed interest of HR professionals, we will be hosting ‘TOGETHR in partnership with the Congress Center Basel on December 3, 2018 from 9:00am – 4:30pm.

As a member of the Human Resources community, being a part of TOGETHR means making valuable connections, adding relevant skills to your skill set, and exchanging ideas with motivated, engaged, and interested professionals in Basel, like the “Evil HR Lady”  Suzanne Lucas, Global Head of Scientific Communication at Roche Philip Atkinson, and more. If you work in HR, you won’t want to miss it!

TOGETHR will provide a platform for you to share ideas and skills for engaging broad and diverse audiences, whether they are your peers, senior management, affiliates, or internal/external stakeholders. We will share insights and experience from working with large global matrix organisations, including the thinking and methodologies behind our most successful approaches to audience engagement. Additionally, we will bring experts in the field together to share their insights, ideas, and solutions. Finally, we will provide a platform for all participants to co-create new ideas unique to the needs of the HR community in Basel.

‘TOGETHR’ will inspire and educate you as a professional on three elements that underpin your future success and relevance:

  • Vision: The World in 2025. None of us can predict the future, but you can be a part of helping to shape what it looks like within your organisations.
  • Creativity: Discover New Ways of Working. To be successful, you need to be focused, agile, and able to work cross-functionally to solve problems in complex environments. We’ll examine how multiple disciplines can work together seamlessly and with a common purpose.
  • Collaborate to innovate: Co-create and co-generate. How working together can generate ideas for engaging employees now – and in the future.

At the end of the forum, you will:

  • Contribute to your thought leadership network
  • Be equipped to enhance the employee engagement experience
  • Own the HR space in Basel

Want us to save you a seat?

For our inaugural event, we envision an intimate setting in order to allow for deeper, more meaningful connections and exchanges. Our attendance fees for this pilot event reflect the same spirit. Attendees will enjoy a special pricing plan:

  • Group Discount: Every group of 10 receives one free entry
  • “Early Bird Special”: 150CHF per attendee from October 15 through October 28
  • “Just In Time”: 200CHF per attendee from October 29 through November 18
  • “Last Call!”: 300CHF per attendee from November 19 through November 25

Registration is easy!

Registration is super simple with this form. Once we’ve received your name and email, you will be sent further instructions on payment.

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