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5 Ways to Bomb for Presenters

5 Ways to Bomb for Presenters

Anyone who has given enough talks (and is honest) will tell you: they’ve bombed. It is the worst feeling in the world. But even worse are those who have bombed but don’t realize it. If you want to bomb, here are 5 Things that are sure-fire ways to do it:

1.       Talk Down

Just because you are the expert on one thing doesn’t make you the expert on all things. And even in your area of expertise, it is likely that your audience is more of a peer group than freshmen students. Speak like you are speaking to your inner circle.

2.       Don’t Listen

Nothing is quite so irritating as a speaker who takes questions from the floor but treats them as objections to handle rather than information to absorb. If you aren’t ready to learn from your audience, you are ready to bomb.

3.       Depend on Technology

All technology at some point fails. This includes LCD projectors, laptops, laser pointers, and clickers. If you can’t deliver your presentation without slides, videos or other enhancements, you are ready to bomb.

4.       Don’t Rehearse

Maybe a better way to say it is, “rehearse in front of your audience.” Learn from the pros, and rehearse like hell.

5.       Ignore Advice to Cut Some Slides

If you are like 95% of the non-professional speakers out there, you have too many slides. And people around you are politely imploring you to use the delete button. But you say, “this slide is important” or “this slide will only take 15 seconds” or “this slide will only take a minute.” Sorry, but you have all but chosen to bomb.

Happy Presenting!

If you need help to avoid bombing your next presentation, contact us.  Our experts are here to help you.

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Going Global – Redux


New Year, New Venture

A new year seems like a great time to spin the globe, so we’re thrilled to announce that our prospective-in-2016 Singapore office is a 2017 reality!

Engage! Communications by Design Pte. Ltd. is a unique partnership between Audience Communication and Unicblue (, a design firm we’ve had the pleasure of working with across Europe and Asia. Freshly incorporated and locally led by the multi-talented Felix Grube (Director of Production), Engage! offers a unique matrix of services:

  • Audience Corporate Communication and Strategic Services
  • Unicblue Congress Design services
  • Julia Williams’s conference services (travel, accommodation, F&B, logistics)

Lovers of collaboration and connection that we are, Engage! brings the APAC region a talented trifecta (a.k.a. “one-stop shop”) of communications and events.

And if you’re curious about how we got here…

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