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5 Healthy Habits

5 Healthy Habits for Presenters

Ah, January, the month for making new resolutions. Maybe you’ve decided to eat more healthily, get more sleep, or start an exercise routine?  When you made your resolutions, you probably weren’t thinking about how developing healthy habits would also affect your presentation skills.  Here’s how.

A presentation is a performance, and a performance requires energy. Particularly if you are running a workshop, you will need BUCKETS of energy. Learn your own unique performance needs, but until then, here are 5 Things you can do to be ready on game day:

1. Sleep

If you are speaking at a conference, the night before your talk, pass on invitations to see the city or meet at the bar. And don’t stay up all night finishing your slides. Get to bed at your usual time or earlier. Your audience will thank you for it.

2. Exercise

Whatever your routine is, keep it. Arriving on stage feeling pumped up and good about yourself will bring that extra level of energy and confidence needed to make an impression. If you exercise just before your presentation, ensure you have enough time to cool down!

3. Eat

Again, keeping your routine is key. If you are speaking at a hotel and they offer a huge buffet breakfast, better to go for what you would normally have at home. Even better, bring your usual breakfast along and eat in your room, reducing distractions or wasted time hoping the waiter will bring the bill. If you are giving a longer presentation, you will need extra energy, so consider some extra protein.

4. Drink

One routine to reconsider is caffeine. Caffeine plus the adrenaline and cortisol that comes with nervousness can be a deadly combination. Cut your regular coffee intake by half and replace with water or herbal tea.

5. Breathe

Before you go on, find a quiet corner, close your eyes, and take few good deep slow breathes. Focus your mind, lower your heart rate, bring a smile to your face: you are in a fantastic mood and ready to go.

Happy presenting!