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Audience Travels 2016

From Hamburg to Hanoi, Montreal to Montreux—Audience had an intense year of travel, with over half of its people creating events and supporting communications across 3 continents and within 15 countries. Think of this interactive map as our year in review!
 Explore, click around, and read our impressions.

Happy holidays! Here’s to continuing our adventures in 2017.

To view the Audience Travels Google Map in a new window, click here.



5 Gift Ideas for the Presenter in Your Life

The King's Speech

1 – Movie: The King’s Speech

Not only is this a thoroughly enjoyable film with terrific acting, but it also does an uncanny job of capturing the essence of presenter coaching, the rehearsal process, and the coach-presenter relationship. It is a lovely reminder, as well, that there was a time before PowerPoint! (Find out more on IMDb or rent/buy on Amazon)

Talk Like TED

2 – Book: Talk Like TED, by Carmine Gallo

A bestseller and an instant classic for good reason: fact-based, practical and inspirational. It outlines a clear path for presenting the best of the TED talkers but doesn’t pretend that achieving such outcomes is easy. Rooted in the reality that rehearsal is essential to success, it is the Joy of Cooking of presentation skills books. Worth repeat reading. (Get it on Amazon)

It Worked For Me

3 – Book: It Worked for Me, by Colin Powell

Whatever your politics or views on his use of a private email account, one cannot deny the accomplished career or depth of character of General Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State. Primarily a book on leadership, it has, at the end, a splendid chapter on his third career as a highly sought guest speaker. He approached this task as a soldier might, and his insights, tips, and tricks are refreshingly clear and compelling. (Get it on Amazon)


4 – Book: Confessions of a Public Speaker, by Scott Berkun

Part comedy, part manual, this is a hilarious and practical guide for ordinary people, like you and me. Scott’s trials and tribulations as a professional presenter reveal the various routines, disciplines, and hacks required for consistent success in a wide range of circumstances. He does a fantastic job of showing the gravity of “obvious” advice, such as be early. (Get it on Amazon)


Sleep to Go

5 – Sleep to Go, by thisworks

I often recommend to clients that if they have a choice between polishing their slides or even rehearsing the night before and getting a good night’s sleep, they should go for the sleep every time. Your mood when you are presenting is more important than your content. As the great Maya Angelou said, “people won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.” (Get it at

Audience Moves!


Looking Back, Moving Forward

It’s been an intense year at Audience Communications and Events. We’ve implemented new technology—while going full speed. We’ve expanded our global operations. We attended—and sponsored a panel for—an amazing, inspiring design conference. We’ve also thought through our best suggestions for professional speaking, great visuals, what to wear, and what you should always have with you for a presentation. (We even weighed in on the US presidential debates…)

So, really, there was only one thing left for us to do before bidding 2016 adieu.


Location, Location, Location!

We’re downtowners at heart. As far back as we can remember, the Canadian Audience offices have always been within the downtown corridor. Our latest move is no different and boasts a uniquely Toronto view.

That’s what our Production team will be gazing out on every day, now that we’re located at 326 Adelaide Street West. We’ve got the whole floor, our own elevator, desks for our full-time team and freelance roster—and space to grow. It’s almost as if Christmas came early.

Our creative team is already imagining how they will curate their space, as well as every nook and cranny they can “adopt.”

Will we put in a glass wall, or leave this wall open as an expression of our daring, our innovation, our difference? Stay tuned.

And although our set-up and design are not quite ready for an audience, we’re still hard at work. Those are two of our Accounting/Finance masters, who were up and going while the rest of us were trying to remember that a) we’re not on Spadina anymore, and b) that we’re working from home office for most of December.


Stay tuned…

We believe in the necessity and value of change, even big, difficult changes. We’re thrilled to be in a new space and starting a new chapter for our Canadian office, even as our Swiss, UK, and Singaporean colleagues expand their own stories. We’ve had an incredible 2016, and can’t wait to share some of that with you in a few weeks.

Until then, you know where to find us:

Audience Communication and Events
326 Adelaide Street West
Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5V 1R3