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Audience Global Map

Going Global

Audience has increased its global business, working with professionals and clients across countries, cultures, and contexts. How did we get here?

Throwback to…

2012: Audience consisted of a core team of 11, working from an old house on Isabella Street in Toronto. We had a strong reputation, a solid business base, and a great network of freelance contributors. All was good—if predictable.

2013: Our CEO Tim Ferguson decided that our team and services could do more, be more, than they currently were. With that confidence, he uprooted his family and moved to be near one of our biggest client bases: Basel, Switzerland.

We’d all been flying back and forth to Europe for years, making (half-serious) jokes about the need for “Audience Barcelona” and “Audience Prague,” but this was taking it to an entirely other level.

Flash Forward

2016: We’re in a different Toronto office, and we have a thriving Basel office anchoring our global presence. We’ve developed a satellite office in London, England and have plans to open another this fall in Singapore.

With the guidance of our managing director, Stephen Hodges, we now have over 80 affiliated professionals in a dozen countries—including Canada, the U.S., England, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the U.A.E., and Singapore—offering expertise across 16 creative services.

Our expansion has been thrilling, but it’s definitely come with its own learning curve.

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